The Secret of Little Rose 2
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Feature / Drama, Thriller

The Secret of Little Rose 2

Joanna Warczewska (Magdalena Boczarska) has everything: great love and a thriving career. However, this orderly life is suddenly disrupted by a terrorist attack in which her beloved husband (Paweł Małaszyński) dies. When fate gives Joanna a new chance in life, she is hit with another blow. Someone is sending photos and documents compromising her family, demanding hundreds of thousands of euros in exchange for silence. Joanna decides to face the blackmailer and the truth about her past on her own. She is ready to risk everything to regain control over her life and unravel the complicated intrigue into which she has been drawn. What role will a mysterious agent (Jacek Braciak), an influential politician (Janusz Gajos) and a friend from the past (Robert Więckiewicz) play in this dramatic game? Its outcome may influence the fate of millions, and time is not on Joanna's side.

  • Jan Kidawa-Błoński
  • Maciej Karpiński
  • Agatha Dominik
  • Magdalena Boczarska
  • Robert Więckiewicz
  • Janusz Gajos
  • Maria Seweryn
  • Jacek Braciak

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