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Feature / Biographical/ Drama


Diagnosed as an autistic child, Grzegorz lives in his own, hermetic world not being able to connect with others. When he is a teenager, it turns out that the cause of Grzegorz’s isolation is not autism but a deep hearing impairment, underneath which a great musical talent has been hidden for years. Thanks to a hearing aid, Grzegorz starts to discover speech, sound, and music, in which he falls in love. Grzegorz now desires to become a pianist and perform at a great philharmonic concert hall. But no one, apart from him and his family, believes that this deaf boy – though aided with new technology – will ever make his dream come true. A moving, authentic story of the musician Grzegorz Płonka from Murzasichle in the Tatra Mountains. It shows an incredible journey, burdened with huge effort and great struggle to achieve the impossible. The film is the director’s feature-length debut.

  • Bartosz Blaschke
  • Bartosz Blaschke
  • Michał Sikorski
  • Małgorzata Foremniak
  • Łukasz Simlat
  • Jerzy Stuhr

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