If I Were You
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Feature / Comedy

If I Were You

We would all, it seems, like to know what life is really like for the opposite sex. Kasia and Krzysiek, a young, quite normal married couple, get a chance to do just that. But are they truly ready? Krzysiek works hard at a corporate job, while neglecting his family. Kasia toils away at a kindergarten, taking care of their son and home, at the same time neglecting herself. They drift apart, until fate gives them an unusual opportunity. IF I WERE YOU is a bold comedy about a husband and wife who discover they’ve switched bodies and end up learning a lot of good and bad things about one other.A comedy for everyone, teaching us how the most important thing in any relationship is communication – and also how everyone, like it or not, has some kind of role to play in life.

  • Antonio Galdamez Munoz
  • Łukasz Światowiec
  • Anna Bielak
  • Paulina Gałązka
  • Miron Jagniewski
  • Magdalena Lamparska
  • Maria Pakulnis
  • Michał Czernecki
  • Jan Frycz

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