Ekran Polish Film Association Volunteers

Learn more about how you can volunteer with us!

Each volunteer will be accredited for their individual contributions. Upon request you can receive a written letter stating the level of their participation and the tasks they had completed. They will also be given credit if they are producing any photos, videos or creating promotional materials. 

Volunteers who assist during the film festival will be beholden to the following tasks:

  • Setup (Monday, November 6) and teardown (Sunday, November 12)
  • Ticket collecting at the door
  • Working the cash-box
  • Usher related duties and crowd control

These tasks may vary between film screenings due to the organization’s needs.

For each film that they lend their time to volunteer for, they may view the screened film for free. They must indicate beforehand if they will be watching the screening or leaving the venue at that time. The volunteers that assist with crowd control and perform usher duties must be at the doors 30 minutes to an hour before the screening and must be there 10 minutes to 30 minutes before the film ends.

For more information or to apply email volunteer@ekran.ca