The jury announces the winners of the best films from toronto’s 10th polish film festival!!


The jury announces the winners of the best films from toronto’s 10th polish film festival!!

A Message from Ekran’s Jury:
This year the Ekran jury (Larry Anklewicz, Steve VealeS, Elizabeth Radshaw and Ottie Lockeyhad a very hard time choosing the best feature film in Toronto and Mississauga Polish Film Festival’s because there were so many fine films, including Paweł Pawlikowski’s Cold War (Zimna Wojna) and Olga Chajdas’ feature film debut NINA.

But the jury is happy to announce that the winner of Best Picture Ekran 2018 is Magdalena Łazarkiewicz’s haunting film Back Home (Pówrot).  The stark and powerful story of a young girls’s escape from a foreign brothel and her return to her family unrolls in a relentless psychological drama which hits hard at clerical abuse and dysfunctional family relationships.  The direction, screenplay, cinematography, and acting are exceptional.


Dreaming of Warsaw dir. Mateusz Czuchnowski


Don’t Cry When I’m Gone dir. Slawomir Grünberg


photo of “Back Home” director Magdalena Lazarkiewicz

The Best Documentary Ekran 2018 award goes to Slawomir Grünberg’s moving Don’t Cry When I Am Gone (Nie płacz kiedy odjadę) a film based on the vibrant Jewish television actress, poet, and lyricist Wanda Sieradzka.  After she survived the Holocaust, Wanda did not dwell on the past, but instead built a rich and joyous creative life in Poland.  

The Best Short Film Ekran 2018 Dreaming of Warsaw (Sen O Warszawie) by Mateusz Czuchnowski tells a simple story of a refugee father and his young son who face huge obstacles as they try to live peacefully in Warsaw. The little boy urgently needs insulin, and as the father races to get a prescription filled, his son is at the mercy of brutal thugs.

Congratulations to the Winner’s! 


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