Inside Out Festival to Co-Present NINA


Inside Out Festival to Co-Present NINA

Ekran is pleased to partner with Inside Out to co-present NINA.
Ekran is proud to collaborate alongside Inside Out in presenting the film, as well as, hosting the director, Olga ChajdasNINA is Chajdas’s award-winning and ground breaking-feature debut.  Chajdas is a force to be reckoned with.

For more than two decades, Inside Out has brought Toronto’s LGBT community together in celebration of the best queer film from Canada and around the world.

NINA is a film about life itself. Being lonely within a relationship and being lonely within yourself. It’s a topic that is universal and beyond sexual preference and translates beyond subtitles.


Director Olga Chajdas


NINA (dir. Olga Chajdas)

Chajdas is one of 4 women to direct 1983, Poland’s first Netflix Original Series, due November 30th.  Her wife, Kasia Adamik (who edited NINA) and her mother-in-law, Oscar nominated Agnieszka Holland, are also part of the series.  Not to mention, Chajdas is no stranger to Toronto, at one time she was an intern at The Score.

Despite being family to classic Polish director’s (Adamik and Holland), she started as a theatre director and worked her way up to where she is today. Nothing was handed to her.

NINA, is a story where losers and winners stand on the same side and where the world is not divided between good and bad, heterosexual and homosexual. This is a story of impulsive love, which doesn’t care for traditional divisions.

NINA is playing it’s Canadian debut Nov 5 at the Isabel Bader Theatre (93 Charles Street W., Toronto)

For tickets click HERE.


Olga Chajdas & Ekran’s Marta Pozniakowski at the 43rd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia


Filmmaker’s Kasia Adamik & Olga Chajdas