The High Frontier

Na granicy

The High Frontier

Written & directed by: Wojciech Kasperski

Wojciech Kasperski’s feature debut employs genre conventions to glimpse into the hermetic word of the Bieszczady Mountain border guards. The challenges of the border are both human smuggling and – more so – wild nature, always setting new traps for anyone who dares stand up to it. After a family tragedy, this is the setting where Mateusz and his two sons set off to start over and work on their relationship. Mateusz takes the two boys to a secluded mountain base, but their attempt at a male bonding adventure is interrupted by a mysterious stranger showing up exhausted on their doorstep. The plot thickens and the teenage boys face a true test of maturity. Kasperski's film is tailored to the style of the best dark thrillers – the gloomy, claustrophobic interior of the cabin contrasting with the majesty of the surrounding natural setting. Cinema for strong nerves!

98 min Language: Polish; English subtitles

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