The Gorals – Highlanders of Carpathia

The Gorals – Highlanders of Carpathia

Directed by Filip Luft

The Gorals – Highlanders of Carpathia present portraits of several Polish highlanders who perform the same professions and share the same passions that have occupied their ancestors over the past several centuries. These are people whose characters are shaped when confronted with nature, inaccessible mountains, weather changes and animals. The high peaks of the Tatra mountains become more than just a silent observer of our heroes. Around the mountains, everything changes and they stand and maintain, unshaken. Is the culture of Podhale highlanders sustainable, or could these be the final times for these people living this lifestyle in the mountains, and not only as folklore in the museums of folk art?

48 min, 2018, language: Polish / English subtitles

Followed by Q&A with producer and film editor Maciej Pawelczyk

Venue: Ciné Starz Mississauga

Co-presented by The Polish Highlanders Association of Canada.