The Butler

The Butler

Directed by Filip Bajon

After his mother dies, Mateusz Krol, a Kashubian boy, is taken in by a Prussian aristocrat Gerda von Krauss, and he grows up in her palace. The daughter of the von Krausses, Marita, is the same age as Mateusz, and love blossoms between them. The boy’s godfather is Bazyli Miotke, a Kashubian patriot who fights in Versailles for Kashubia to have its place on the map of Poland. Miotke goes on to build the symbol of Kashubian economic success, the city of Gdynia. The Treaty of Versailles grants Poland its independence, but it also makes the von Krauss family lose their property and influence. All the protagonists can feel that the world as they know it is about to change drastically. Hostility and hatred increase among the Kashubs, Poles, and Germans. When WWII breaks out, the Nazis murder civilians In the Piaśnica Forest, which becomes the first genocide of the war.

150 min, 2018, language: Polish & Kashubian / English subtitles

Venue: Revue Cinema & Ciné Starz Mississauga

Co-presented by Konekt

Konekt Polish Canadian Professionals