Golden Drops

Jak uratować mamę

Golden Drops

Directed by Daniel Zduńczyk, Marcin Męczkowski

Written by Daniel Zduńczyk, Andrzej Surmacz, Wioletta Pomorska-Yang, Marcin Męczkowski

Adaś spends most of his time playing video games. Anetka is a book lover with her head in the clouds, dreaming of her prince charming. But now, the siblings will have to focus entirely on something else. Their mom needs help. And only they can save her. Well, there’s also a witch involved and thanks to her magic Adaś and Anetka are transferred to a mysterious, medieval-like land full of fire-breathing dragons, knight tournaments and castles. The two kids will have to find the legendary golden drops which will grant them three wishes. Then, they can ask for the most important thing of all: so their mom is saved.

90 Min Language: Polish/ English Subtitles

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