About Us

Ekran Polish Film Association

Ekran Polish Film Association is a grassroots non-profit organization founded in Toronto by a group of individuals who are passionate about showcasing new media arts and films with both a Polish and multicultural focus. Ekran has been promoting Polish cinematography & culture since 2009. Ekran is supported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto, the Polish Filmmakers Association, the Polish Film Institute, and City of Toronto. The films showcased by Ekran represent significant and recent contributions of Polish filmmakers to film culture, with the festival being a noteworthy event for both Polish-Canadian and GTA communities.

For General Inquiries please contact info@ekran.ca

Ekran Team

Marta Pozniakowski
Festival Director

Patryk Bognat
Co-producer and Creative Director

Anna Bartula
Planning Director

Marketa Tokova
Executive Assistant

Waldemar Krukar
Guest Liason

Jasia Kiersnowski

Program Associate and Social Media Manager

Jonathan Owen
Program Associate – pr@ekran.ca

Sophia Śniegowska 
Volunteer Coordinator – volunteer@ekran.ca

Gracjan Skwarek – Graziano.pl
Art Director


Sophia Śniegowska
Ania Smith
Michal Kwadrans
Majka Swiderska


Larry Anklewicz
Daria Ellerman
Justin Kelly
Ottie Lockey
Piers Handling
Steve Veal