A Guide to Ekran 2017 – Toronto’s 9th Polish Film Festival


A Guide to Ekran 2017 – Toronto’s 9th Polish Film Festival

From November 6th to 12th Ekran is celebrating their 9th year as Toronto’s Polish Film Festival.

As every November, the red carpet will be rolled out, the Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles will have Polish films on the marquee and hundreds of people from around the GTA will flock to see the latest in contemporary Polish cinema.

Opening film will be director Maria Sadowska’s biopic about of the famous doctor/sexologist Michalina Wislocka, “The Art of Loving“.  The event is SOLD OUT. Please click here for festival tickets to not miss out on a chance to see the rest these incredible film we have in store.

"The Art of Loving" dir. Maria Sadowska

“The Art of Loving” dir. Maria Sadowska






One again, Polish-Canadian singer Anna Cyzon will be hosting the event.  And this year we have

more guests and Q&A sessions than ever!

Ekran's host Polish-Canadian singer Anna Cyzon

Ekran’s host Polish-Canadian singer Anna Cyzon

Guests include actors such as Robert Wieckiewicz, Lukasz Simlat, Kat Inokai & Robert Wrzosek.

Director’s include: Ryszard Bugajski, Jan Kidawa-Blonski, Liliana Komorowska, Renata Kolacz, Krystyna Krauze, George Rethy, Katia Priwieziencew, Paweł Tarasiewicz & Monika Melen.  All guest’s will be present after their films to answer questions in a Q&A session with the audience.






We are screening Poland’s Oscar contender for 2017, Agnieszka Holland’s “Spoor” and we are screening 21 year old Zofia Kowalewska’s Award winning “Close Ties”, as well as, Andrzej Wajda’s final film, starring Boguslaw Linda, “Afterimage”.

"Afterimage" dir. Andzrej Wajda

“Afterimage” dir. Andzrej Wajda

See below for an official schedule for this week’s events.

To buy tickets click HERE.





6:00pm – “The Art of Loving”, director Maria Sadowska; Revue Cinema



5:00pm – “Cierpkapuram – The Story of a Friendship & People of the sea, work and prayer” (Documentary), director Renata Kolacz (Q&A w. Renata Kolacz)


5:30pm – “To My Father” (Documentary), director Diana Skaya and Liliana Komorowska (Q&A w. Liliana Komorowska)


7:00pm – “Blindness”, director Ryszard Bugajski (Q&A w. Ryszard Bugajski)


9:30pm – “Hel”, director Pawel Tarasiewicz & Katia Priwieziencew (Q&A w. Pawel Tarasiewicz & Katia Priwieziencew)

Director's & the Cast from Hel

Director’s & the Cast from Hel



5:00pm – “By Stanley For Stanley” (Documentary), director Monika Melen (Q&A w. Monika Melen)


6:30pm – “Amok”, director Kasia Adamik (Q&A w. Lukasz Simlat)


9:00pm – “Convoy”, director Maciej Zak (Q&A w. Robert Wieckiewicz & Lukasz Simlat)


Actor Robert Więckiewicz

Actor Robert Więckiewicz




6:30pm – “The King of Life”, director Jerzy Zielinski (Q&A w. Robert Wieckiewicz); Revue Cinema opening will be the short film “Romantic” which also stars Wiezkiewicz)

9:00pm – “Spoor”, director Agnieszka Holland & Kasia Adamik; Revue Cinema



5:00pm – “Bodo”, director Michal Kwiecinski; Revue Cinema


7:30pm – “The Reconciliation”, director Maciej Sobieszczański; Revue Cinema


9:30pm – “Cursed”, director Konrad Lecki (Q&A w. Robert Wrzosek); Revue Cinema


Cursed dir. Konrad Lecki

Cursed dir. Konrad Lecki


1:00pm – “Sister Elizabeth” (Documentary), director George Rethy (Q&A w. George Rethy & Kat Inokai); Revue Cinema


3:30pm – “Afterimage”, director Andrzej Wajda; Revue Cinema


5:30pm – “Birds Are Singing in Kigali”, director Joanna Kos-Krauze; Revue Cinema


8:00pm – “Stars“, director Jan Kidawa-Blonski (Q&A w. Jan Kidawa-Blonski); Revue Cinema

Birds are Singing in Kigali dir. Joanna Kos-Krauze

Birds are Singing in Kigali dir. Joanna Kos-Krauze



Friday Nov 10th @ 6:15pm – Czech Day: documentaries by Krystyna Krauze: “Nas Vasek” & “Bratricek Karel”, Q&A w. Krystyna Krauze; The Regent Theatre Toronto (551 Mt. Pleasant Road, Toronto)


Saturday Nov 11th @ 1:00pm – 4:00pm – Screening of Animation & Short Films at High Park Library, 228 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto(FREE)


“Close Ties”, director Zofia Kowalewska

“Mice & Rats”, director Kacper Anuszewski

“Harcerz”, director Jonasz Berny

“Michael”, director Piotr Januszkiewicz

“Evil Deeds”, director Piotr Domalewski

“The Ride”, director Kacper Anuszewski

“General Dream”, director Dave Lojek & Linda Hecquet

“Sledztwo the Inquest”, director Ena Kielska

“More Than This”, director Adrian Wojtas

“Disorder”, director Julian Talandziewicz

“The Last Room”, director Marta Chyła-Janicka

“In the woods, fields, on water, in the air, local creatures bring fear”, director Pawel Kleszczewski

“Broken Tale”, director Pawel Kleszczewski

“Wake Up”, director Jakub Wojciechowski

“Umbra”, director Urszula Nawrot


Monday, Nov 13th @ 7:10pm – Lecture / Screening at U of T of “The Return of Agnieszka H”, director Krystyna Krauze (closed event)