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Ekran Polish Film Association is a grassroots non-profit organization founded in Toronto by a group of individuals who are passionate about showcasing new media arts and films with both a Polish and multicultural focus.


“Generations” directed by Janusz Zaorski is a full-length docudrama made for the anniversary of the Feature Film Studio (WFF). It is a story of contemporary Poland told using fragments of works created at the Studio.

Out of the 450 titles made in Wrocław, Zaorski chose almost fifty. Their fragments, starting with Wajda’s “A Generation”, through to films by Chęciński, Has, Kutz, Polański to Holland, Kieślowski, Marczewski, Zanussi and many others, form a story about Poland from the Nazi occupation, through the periods of Stalinist terror, “our little stabilisation”, March 1968, unfulfilled expectations of the Gierek era martial law and up until the elections of  June 4th 1989. The person guiding us around the contemporary Studio and Wrocław is… Zbyszek Cybulski.


Peter co-wrote the hugely successful Polish feature film Planeta Singli and his short film Pole was shorlisted for TIFF's 'Canada’s Top Ten Shorts'.

Peter Pasyk /is an award-winning filmmaker and theatre director

Katka Resze spent 7 years working on "Karski & The Lords of Humanity" as chief Screenwriter and Co-Editor.

Katka Resze /is a writer, filmmaker & photographer

Zaorski directs “Generations” a full-length docudrama about contemporary Poland told using fragments of works. Out of the 450 titles made in Wrocław, Zaorski chose almost fifty to illustrate his historical piece on Poland.

Janusz Zaorski /award-winning director, screenwriter and producer from Warsaw.

Mitja's third film "Planeta Singli" was released to critical acclaim, broke attendance records and was the only film out of 61 markets to beat Marvel's "Deadpool" for the #1 box office position.

Mitja Okorn /award winning director of commercials, music videos and feature films.


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