5 Things you might not know about filmmaker Katka Reszke


5 Things you might not know about filmmaker Katka Reszke

Worldwide March 8th is the day that women are recognized and observed for International Women’s Day. However, whether it is International Women’s Day or not, here at Ekran we are proud to work among so many fierce, bright and admirable women every single day.

We are especially honoured when we get the opportunity to screen films by leading Polish female filmmakers.  For instance, this past festival we had the privilege of presenting the historical human rights documentary Karski and the Lords of Humanity. Head Screenwriter and Co-Editor Katka Reszke was in attendance.  Following the screening Reszke interacted and answered questions with the audience.


Katka Reszke and Ekran’s Executive Director Marta Pozniakowski / Photo: Becca Gilgan Photography

In case you missed the Q&A Session from the Toronto’s 8th Polish Film Festival, here’s a short list of what you may or may not know about the Polish-born, US-based filmmaker Katka Reszke:

  1. She holds a Doctorate in Jewish Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a Diploma in Jewish Studies from the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, and a Masters in Cultural Studies from the University of Wroclaw, Poland.
  1. Not only is she a documentary filmmaker (director, screenwriter, editor, cinematographer), but also a creative non-fiction writer, author of the book Return Of The Jew: Identity Narratives of the Third Post-Holocaust Generation of Jews in Poland (2013). Currently she’s working on her second book The Meshugene Effect.
  1. She was born in 1978 in Wroclaw, Poland and for years did not know she had Jewish lineage. She says that from around age 15 she had a hunch that she was Jewish, partly because she remembered her great-grandmother calling her meshugene (a Yiddish word meaning a ‘crazy’ or ‘mad’ person). But it was only in 2013, long after she spent time studying in Israel and long after ‘unnecessarily’ converting to Judaism, that the long-guarded secret was finally revealed about her maternal family’s Jewish relation.
  1. Add theatre to her resume, Reszke is also one of the co-creators and performers of We Keep Coming Back, a Canadian-Polish theater performance, which premiered in Poland and Canada in 2016 and will be staged again in both countries in the 2017/18 season.
  1. Beside Polish-Jewish issues, Katka has a personal and professional interest in civil rights and LGBTQ themes. She is a relentless traveler, with a passion for wildlife photography and… the desert.

    Michael Rubenfeld and Katka Reszke in ‘We Keep Coming Back’ / Photo: Jeremy Mimnagh




For more info on Katka Reszke, be sure to check out her website www.katkareszke.com



Article by Jasia Kiersnowski