April 2019

Once again Polish documentaries are coming to Hot Docs, North America’s largest documentary film festival– which runs from Thursday April 25th to Monday May 6th in various venues throughout Toronto.

Ekran is proud to be a co-presenter with the fest with a special screening of  the full length documentary Symphony of the Ursus Factory (Symfonia Fabryki Ursus) directed by Jasmina Wojcik. 

Polish Filmmaker Jaśmina Wójcik

Polish Filmmaker Jaśmina Wójcik

With sounds and body memory, the ex-workers of the Ursus Factory re-enact one day of work in a plant that no longer exists. The resulting symphony consists of the choreographed movements of the workers as well as of the technical, administrative and managerial staff, accompanied by the recreated phonosphere of the heavy industry. Written by Wajda Studio


Sat, Apr 27 9:45 PM TIFF Bell Lightbox 4

Sun, Apr 28 2:30 PM Scotiabank Theatre 8

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Other Polish made films to look out for at Hot Docs 2019: 
Marek Edelman… and There Was Love in the Ghetto (dir. Jolanta Dylewska and co-directed by Andrzej Wajda)
Shortly before his death in 2009, Marek Edelman, former commander of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, was interviewed by director Jolanta Dylewska about a seldom-discussed part of life leading up to the Holocaust: love. Sharing stories from his memoir And There Was Love in the Ghetto, the esteemed surgeon and activist reflected on his own and others’ brushes with tenderness, passion and yes, lust. Becoming visibly frustrated on camera, Edelman puzzles why anyone might be surprised that love became basic to survival. While the world around them went mad, Jewish men and women had to allow good and beauty to exist alongside the hatred that surrounded them. In stunningly recreated scenes co-written by eminent filmmaker Agnieszka Holland and co-directed by the legendary Andrzej Wajda, this captivating look back into one of the darkest corners of history comes to sensual, brilliant life. (Synopsis written by Myrocia Watamaniuk)

Mon, Apr 29 6:30 PM TIFF Bell Lightbox 3

Wed, May 1 12:30 PM Hart House Theatre

Sat, May 4 3:15 PM Scotiabank Theatre 3

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Love 404 (dir. Agata Baumgart)

Rena and her mom both try to find fulfilment in different ways online. Rena poses and posts on a multitude of social media channels, and her mother is on the hunt for a suitor. Instead of providing solutions to their problems, their fantasy lives drive a wedge between mother and daughter IRL. (Synopsis written by Eileen Arandiga)

Sat, Apr 27 1:15 PM Scotiabank Theatre 8

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Strip and War (dir. Andrei Kutsila)

Outside the city of Minsk live an unlikely pair. A retired lieutenant-colonel stuck in a pro-Soviet past spends his days leading a regional veteran organization, writing military articles and patriotic essays, and organizing with students and colleagues. He shares his home with his grandson Anatol, who left his unfulfilling job as an engineer to pursue his true calling as a stripper, and dreams of one day founding his own erotic theatre. Their worlds could not be further apart—and they are still dependent upon one another and must navigate gently through their differences. But Anatol is growing restless and wants the freedom to be his own person. He must now face the difficult and painful dilemma of whether he should stay to care for his aging grandfather or break free to pursue his own dreams. (Synopsis written by Heather Haynes)

Fri, Apr 26 8:00 PM Scotiabank Theatre 8

Sat, Apr 27 4:15 PM TIFF Bell Lightbox 4

Tue, Apr 30 3:45 PM TIFF Bell Lightbox 3

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Screening alongside Strip and War is the Polish short Connected (dir. Aleksandra Maciejczyk)
Hitting the slopes for a day of skiing becomes an exercise in blind trust for this couple. Connected by Bluetooth headsets, Wiola navigates and directs the way for her husband, Krysztof, who is visually impaired. When the weather turns, the outlook for the afternoon quickly dampens, but there is still a mountain to descend. (Synopsis written by Eileen Arandiga)
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