March 2019

Polish-born and Toronto based Director Marta Borowski has written, directed and produced a proof-of-concept trailer for the web series RESOLVE.

RESOLVE exposes the nature of forgiveness in a world connected by social media. Using the fictional app Resolv’r, a kind of Tinder for people with mutual unresolved issues, characters reach out to each other hoping that their swipes will be returned, and closure will be found.

Does convenience provide the illusion of simplicity? Should some things be left unsaid?

RESOLVE asks these questions, and others, as it explores the evolving needs of human re-connection.


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Jadiel Dowlin, Katie Ortencio, Spencer Macpherson, bracelets by Eliza Kozurno photo cred. Byron A. Martin

Jane Moffat, photo cred. Ola Walków

Jane Moffat, photo cred. Ola Walków


Anna Douglas, Sharma MacDonald, Richard Lee<br /> photo cred. Ola Walków

STARRING: Jane Moffat, Joanne Boland, Mike Taylor, Matthew Isen, Kyal Legend, Chelsea Clark, Spencer Macpherson, Julia Lalonde, Kelly McNamee, John Healy, Jadiel Dowlin, Niko Ceci, Eric Hicks, Sam Kalilieh, Amir Bageria, Kaleb Laidman, Katie Ortencio, Nikki Graham, and Fiona Highet as the Voice of Resolv’r.

Polish Award Winning Costume Designer Monika Onoszko, who is now based in Toronto, created costumes for the film.


Polish-Canadian Filmmaker Marta Borowski

Marta Borowski is an emerging DGC director and former script supervisor of 14 years on shows such as HannibalAlphas, Special Correspondents with Ricky Gervais & Eric Bana, and Star Trek: Discovery. As a director, she has worked on Family Channel’s sitcom Really Me and a handful independent projects, including her short film Jacob’s Arrow which premiered at the Phoenix Film Festival. In between projects, Marta has been shadowing accomplished directors and attending workshops to hone her skills. Marta is currently in working on an exciting new project, Resolve, with an ensemble cast including Jane Moffat, Joanne Boland, Chelsea Clark, Spencer

For more info about Marta Borowski you can check out her director’s reel at

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