November 2018

Andrzej Pągowski is the artist behind many of Poland’s most significant movie posters.

He’s done work for the likes of such great filmmakers as Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Krzysztof Zanussi, Jerzy Skolomowski and Roman Polanski.

Born in 1953 in Warsaw, Pągowski attended the University of Fine Arts in Poznan, where he studied Poster Art under Professor Waldemar Świerzy, the Co-Founder of the Polish School of Posters.

Pągowski began his own advertising firm around 1989, KreacjaPro, which is still in business to this day. His work in art and graphic design has passed the test of time as he has managed to consistently maintain success, creativity and a career throughout Poland’s transition from Communism to Capitalism. Pągowski  has won various accolades for his Poster Art designs. His work can also be found at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City.


A Short Film About Love (dir. Krzysztof Kieślowski)


The Butler (dir. Filip Bajon)


7 Senses (dir. Marek Koterski)

One year ago the 42 Polish Film Festival in Gdynia celebrated Pągowski’s 40th Anniversary as a Poster Artist with a special exhibition dedicated to his work.

In recent Polish Movie Posters, Pągowski’s work can be seen in 7 Emotions (dir. Marek Koterski), Clergy (dir. Wojtek Smarzowski), Ether (dir. Krzystof Zanussi) and The Butler (dir. Filip Bajon).


Danton (dir. Andrzej Wajda)


Andrzej Pagowski (photo cred. Jasia Kiersnowski)

Pągowski created the poster for the Polish Filmmakers Association film screenings of movies which celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Poland’s Regained Independence. The screenings of these Polish film masterpieces will be held throughout 2018 on Four continents: Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. The films can be seen this weekend in Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum from November 24th to November 26th.



The fact that Pągowski was commissioned to create the poster for this event is truly a testament to the respect and influence he has as a working artist in Poland’s past history and Poland today.

For more information on Pągowski visit his website or 

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A Message from Ekran’s Jury:
This year the Ekran jury (Larry Anklewicz, Steve VealeS, Elizabeth Radshaw and Ottie Lockeyhad a very hard time choosing the best feature film in Toronto and Mississauga Polish Film Festival’s because there were so many fine films, including Paweł Pawlikowski’s Cold War (Zimna Wojna) and Olga Chajdas’ feature film debut NINA.

But the jury is happy to announce that the winner of Best Picture Ekran 2018 is Magdalena Łazarkiewicz’s haunting film Back Home (Pówrot).  The stark and powerful story of a young girls’s escape from a foreign brothel and her return to her family unrolls in a relentless psychological drama which hits hard at clerical abuse and dysfunctional family relationships.  The direction, screenplay, cinematography, and acting are exceptional.


Dreaming of Warsaw dir. Mateusz Czuchnowski


Don’t Cry When I’m Gone dir. Slawomir Grünberg


photo of “Back Home” director Magdalena Lazarkiewicz

The Best Documentary Ekran 2018 award goes to Slawomir Grünberg’s moving Don’t Cry When I Am Gone (Nie płacz kiedy odjadę) a film based on the vibrant Jewish television actress, poet, and lyricist Wanda Sieradzka.  After she survived the Holocaust, Wanda did not dwell on the past, but instead built a rich and joyous creative life in Poland.  

The Best Short Film Ekran 2018 Dreaming of Warsaw (Sen O Warszawie) by Mateusz Czuchnowski tells a simple story of a refugee father and his young son who face huge obstacles as they try to live peacefully in Warsaw. The little boy urgently needs insulin, and as the father races to get a prescription filled, his son is at the mercy of brutal thugs.

Congratulations to the Winner’s! 


Can’t get enough of Polish films? Join us this weekend (Nov 24-26) at The Royal Ontario Museum as we will be screening films which celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Poland’s regained independence. For More Information Click HERE.

Toronto’s 10th Polish Film Festival closes the curtain after an almost 2 week extravaganza of the best in contemporary Polish cinema.

The nearly 2 week long festival ended on a high note on Sunday November 18th with a second screening of director Filip Bajon’s epic period drama The Butler (Kamerdyner) and a vibrant audience for the documentary The Gorals (Ostatni Gorale) Co-Presented by The Polish Highlanders Association of Canada. Producer & Editor Maciej Pawełczyk attended the screening which was followed by a Q&A with special guest moderator, Anna Cyzon. Cyzon was a perfect pick to interview Pawelczyk, her father is a “Góral”from Rabka and relatives of hers were showcased in the film. She attended the screening wearing a dress made from a traditional Polish Highlander scarf created by Warsaw based fashion designer Kamila Zielinska and Maria Nowincka’s new clothing line, Goralove.

A Special THANK YOU to the Polish Highlanders Association of Canada for hosting a dinner after the screening which filled our bellies with food and our hearts with LOVE!BeFunky66-1100x511

This year the festival was bigger and better than ever. Between 2 cities (Toronto and Mississauga), 4 venues,  36 films (includes features, shorts & documentaries), 2 fabulous hosts (Anna Cyzon & Jolanta Mrotek) and of course SOLD OUT screenings of the most talked about Polish film of the year, Paweł Pawlikowski’s Cold War (Zimna Wojna). It’s safe to say that Toronto’s 10th Polish Film Festival was our most ambitious to date.

Stay tuned this week as we announce our Jurys selection for Best Film, Best Short, Best Documentary, but for now enjoy more Festival Phots here!


Although our 2018 festival is over, this coming weekend November 24-26th we will be involved in co-screening (with the Polish Filmmakers Association) films to commemorate Poland’s 100th Anniversary of Regained Independence.



The Toronto Polish Film Festival would’ve not been possible without the amazing support from its co-producers, patrons, partners, sponsors, filmmakers, jury members, executive staff and most of all the volunteers and the movie goers who came out to supported us through 10 nights of impeccable contemporary Polish cinema in Toronto & Mississauga. Next year, 2019 will mark Toronto’s 11th Polish Film Festival and we cannot wait to do it all over again!

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Last week in Toronto was a blast! This year we’ve decided to extend the festivals 10 year anniversary celebrations for one more weekend– in Mississauga! (November 16, 17 & 18).

Why not extend our festival to a city that holds one of Ontario’s largest population of Polonia??

Mississauga is home to 26,610 Polish-speaking inhabitants as per the Canadian Census Profile of 2016. 

The Mayor of Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie, is of Polish/Ukrainian descent and is active in the Polish community.


So why not ? Let’s do this!

Here’s a look at the weekend to come:

Our Host for Mississauga came all the way from Poland to be a part of our festival, actress Jolanta Mrotek, best known for her roles in theatre and television.

Our Guests Include: 

Monika Onoszko, Award Winning Costume Designer of Pardon
Maciej Pawelczyk, Producer and Editor of The Gorals
Zygmunt Sieradzki, Producer of Don’t Cry When I am Gone

All the guests will participate in the Q&A session after the screening of their films.

Our Toronto Host, Anna Cyzon, will be moderating the Q&A session for The Gorals.


Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie (Source Toronto Star)


Master of Ceremonies for Mississauga Screenings: Actress Jolanta Mrotek


Anna Cyzon as the Q&A host for “The Gorals”(photo cred. Ola Walków)


“The Butler” director Filip Bajon at the 43rd Polish Film Festival (photo cred. Jasia Kiersnowski)


Adam Bobik in The Leader (dir. Katia Priwieziencew)


Małgorzata Gorol and Julian Świeżewski in Plan B (dir. Kinga Debska)

Final Mississauga Schedule
Tickets for Mississauga Screenings are available HERE.
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See you at the movies!

Ekran’s Toronto Host Anna Cyzon will be moderating the Q&A for the Mississauga screening of The Gorals on Sunday November 18 at 3pm at Cine Starz. Cyzon was born in Kraków and came to Canada when she was 6 years old, however, she is definitely a “Góralka” at heart.

Cyzon’s father, Jurek Czyczszon, was born and raised in Rabka (Chabówka).  He lived there until he went away to university in Kraków where he met his wife Hasia (Anna’s mom) and introduced her to Goral culture, which included Goral folklore, singing and dancing. Cyzon spent much of her childhood in Rabka with her fathers family (it’s only 70km away from Kraków).  To this day, every time Cyzon goes back to Poland she continues to stay in touch with her Goral heritage and visit her father’s family in Rabka.


Young anna Cyzon at traditional goral wedding in Toronto


Young Cyzon singing tradition Goral songs in preschool in Kraków


Young Cyzon singing tradition Goral songs in preschool in Kraków

Cyzon tells Ekran:
“My favourite memories as a child is definitely going to my parents folklore dance group rehearsals. My dad was an instructor and the Artistic Director o “Skalni” (the most popular Gorale ensemble) in Poland and he persuaded my mom into it. This meant my childhood was filled with a lot of traditional Gorale melodies, harmonies, songs and dance”. 

Anna Cyzon dressed in a suit by Kamila Zielinska and hat by Goralove (photo cred. Ola Walków)

Anna Cyzon dressed in a suit by Kamila Zielinska and hat by Goralove (photo cred. Ola Walków)


Anna’s mother Hasia Czyczszon in traditional Goral attire.


Anna’s father Jurek Czyczszon (on the right)

“When we immigrated to Canada, my father continued the tradition of Gorale folklore. He led the group “Harnasie” and was the President of the Canadian ensemble for quite some time. It was always nice to attend rehearsals here and help my dad to continue to keep that tradition alive. Dancing and singing was always and will always be an integral part of who I am and my upbringing both here in Canada and in Poland”. 
According to Cyzon, “Gorale people are very passionate. They are so distinct in their roots from their traditional folk clothing to their dialect to their music and values and the preservation of all those attributes that makes them special and unique”. 
Cyzon is most looking forward to hosting the event in a custom Goralove dress, made from a traditional (hustka) handkerchief from Zakopane. She’s also looking forward to asking special Q & A guest and Producer of the film Maciej Pawelczyk questions about her family, the Pintcher’s and the Majerczyk’s, both who are in the movie.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn about this authentic highlander culture. Director Filip Luft’s film beautifully captures Polish highlanders as they perform the same professions their ancestors did over the past several centuries. From shepherds to craftsmen, characters are shaped when confronted with nature, inaccessible mountains, weather changes and animals. The Tatra mountains become more than just a silent observer of our heroes. Around the mountains, everything changes and they stand and maintain, unshaken. To watch the film and be a part of the fun and passionate event co-presented by The Polish Highlanders Association of Canada purchase your tickets HERE.
For the latest in Ekran news and updates on our Mississauga screenings be sure to visit us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook as we share the world of Polish cinema with you.

To celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Poland’s regained independence, the Polish Filmmakers Association is organizing a series of screenings of films with a historical theme. The screenings of these masterpieces of Polish cinema will be held throughout 2018 on four continents; Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

The idea behind the project is to disseminate knowledge of Polish art and history in the international arena by presenting films of outstanding artistic quality. The canon of seven works recommended by a committee of experts offers audiences around the world both a wide thematic spectrum and a diversity of aesthetics.

The films selected show various historical periods, from Poland under the Partitions in The Promised Land and Nights and Days, via the Second World War in The Pianist and Volhynia, and the Warsaw Uprising in Warsaw 44, to the post-war fight against the communist authorities in Ashes and Diamonds and Man of Marble. The works in question give an insight into Polish history from the viewpoint of several generations, ranging from Andrzej Wajda, now a classic figure of Polish cinema, to Jan Komasa, a representative of our youngest filmmakers.

Nights and Days
| Master100
Ashes & Diamonds
| Master100
The Pianist
| Master100
| Master100
Man of marble
| Master100
Warsaw 44
| Master100
The Promised Land
| Master100

100 Years of Poland’s Regained Independence: Polish History in Film Masterpieces” is a public task co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland under the “Collaboration in the Field of Public Diplomacy 2018” competition. The views expressed above are those of its author and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. 

Organized by:

Polish Filmmakers Association, Ekran


Co-Financed by:

Polish Film Institute


Sponsored by

Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C6
ROM has been voted one of the Most Beautiful Museums in the World by Conde Nast Traveller

This year to expand our festival and make it the biggest and best yet, we’ve decided to break up the festival between 2 cities:  Toronto & Missisauga. One week down and the Toronto portion of this years festival was a massive success!

THANK YOU to everyone who attended this year’s 10th Toronto Polish Film Festival. But let’s remember, it’s not over yet! We will be at Cine Starz in Mississauga from November 16th-18th.

Until then, let’s take a look at the last week full of films, movie stars, industry parties, insightful Q&A discussions & filmmaker networking opportunities!

Day 1 kicked off with a Special Screening of this year’s most talked about Polish film, Cold War (Zimna Wojna), directed by Academy Award Winning Director Pawel Pawlikowski.  Following Cold War was NINA, (Co-Presented with the Inside Out LGTB Festival) by Olga Chajdas.  Chajdas is a powerhouse woman who is challenging and defying filmmaking in Poland. We were so delighted to have her as a guest and really look forward to seeing this young director’s upcoming work.

The Revue Cinema (Photo Cred. Jasia Kiersnowski)

photo cred. Jasia Kiersnowski

NINA dir. Olga Chajdas (photo cred. Ola Ola Walków)

NINA dir. Olga Chajdas (photo cred. Ola Walków)

Day 2 was our official opening with the screening of Polish-Canadian director Rafal Sokolowski’s 22 Chaser. The Canadian production was shot in Toronto. After the screening, some cast and crew members from the film joined Sokolowski on the stage for a Q&A session.

Day 2 also presented the debut feature from director Piotr Domalewski, Silent Night (Cicha Noc) In attendance for a post-screening Q&A was Winner of Best Supporting Actor at the 42nd Polish Film Festival for his role in this film, Arkadiusz Jakubik. In Silent Night, Jakubik plays a father who has been absent for most of his children’s lives because he has had to work abroad to provide for the family. The Q&A turned out to be very emotional and heartfelt as Jakubik himself said his character was inspired from his own life.  Jakubik explained to the audience that his own father had to leave his family in Poland to find work abroad. It was a very raw and real opportunity to meet the actor as a real person rather than the character’s he represents on screen.

Jakubik, participated in another Q&A session for the Day 3 screening of Breaking the Limits (Najlepszy).  It’s apparent in the intimate Q&A sessions we conduct with Jakubik that he is a diverse and multifaceted individual not only on the screen but in real life. During the Breaking the Limits Q&A the audience got to go beyond his character in the film and learn more about once again about Jakubik as an individual.  The conversation digressed into his love of music. Outside of being an actor, Jakubik is the lead singer in the Polish rock band Dr. Misio.


Actor Arkadiusz Jakubik (photo cred. Ola Walków)

22 Chaser Director Rafal Sokolowski and Screenplay writer Jeremy Boxen alongside other Cast & Crew Members

22 Chaser Director Rafal Sokolowski and Screenplay writer Jeremy Boxen alongside other Cast & Crew Members. Photo cred. Karolina Fedorcio

Showcasing up and coming filmmakers at the festival is always a highlight for Ekran. This year included the thrilling debut short film On the Road (Na Drodze)from newcomer Bartosz Nowacki.  Nowacki is definitely a name to look out for in Polish cinema. His film (starring Magdalena Bocharska) had the audience on the edge of their seats the entire time. The script was witty, the acting was on point, the cinematography was coloured like an oil painting and all together the film was entertaining and darkly comedic. We can’t wait for what the future brings Nowacki.  Currently he has two features in pre-production, Inked and Manor House.

Other guests included Polish actress Bozena Stachura from A Cat with a Dog (Jak Pies z Kotem)Award Winning Costume Designer Monika Onoszko of Pardon (Ulaskowanie) and local Toronto actress Gaby Henderson from the short How to Fall.


Q&A with director Bartosz Nowacki & host Jasia Kiersnowski (photo cred. Ola Walkow)

Costume Designer Monika Onoszko (photo cred. Ola Walków)

Costume Designer Monika Onoszko (photo cred. Ola Walków)

A very special moment occurred when the festival Founder and Director Marta Pozniakowski and the Ekran teams were given an award for their 10 years of bringing Polish culture to Canada by the Polish Minister of Culture .

Sunday night we said good bye (until next year!) to the Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles and we are preparing now to see you all again on Friday November 16th at Cine Starz in Mississauga.

To kick off events in Mississauga we will be screening a romantic comedy, Plan B (dir. Kinga Debska), which will be opened by the short dark comedy Leader (Pantoflarze) written and directed by Amondo Films Katia Priwiezenciew and her brother Igor Priwiezenciew.


photo cred. Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce


Plan B dir. Kinga Debska

Leader Dir. Katia Priwieziencew

Leader Dir. Katia Priwieziencew

Due to popular demand, The Butler (Kamerdyner) by director Filip Bajon will close our festival on Sunday November 18th at 430pm (Cine Starz Mississauga)

Tickets for Mississauga screenings can be purchased HERE.

Just as every year, this festival would’ve not been possible without the amazing support it receives from its co-producers, patrons, partners, sponsors, filmmakers, jury members, executive staff and most of all the volunteers all the movie goers who came out to supported us through 7 nights of impeccable contemporary Polish cinema.


For a further look back at this year’s highlights and to keep up with the latest in Ekran news and updates on our Mississauga screenings be sure to visit us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook as we share the world of cinema with you.



Friday, Nov 16th

7:00pm – “Plan B”, director Kinga Dębska; Ciné Starz Mississauga (double screening, together with “Leader”)

7:00pm – “Leader”, director Katia Priwiezenciew; Ciné Starz Mississauga (double screening, together with “Plan B”)

9:00pm – “Fugue”, director Agnieszka Smoczynska; Ciné Starz Mississauga

Saturday, Nov 17th

3:00pm – “Forever a Pilot of the Spitfire” (Documentary), director Slawomir Ciok; Ciné Starz Mississauga

5:00pm – “Don’t cry when I am gone” (Documentary), director Slawomir Grunberg; Ciné Starz Mississauga

6:30pm – “Pardon”, director Jan Jakub Kolski; Ciné Starz Mississauga (Q&A with Costume Designer Monika Onoszko)

Sunday, Nov 18th

3:00pm –“The Gorals – Highlanders of Carpathia” (Documentary), director Filip Luft; Ciné Starz Mississauga (Co-Presented by The Polish Highlanders Association of Canada) (Q&A with the film’s producer Maciej Pawelczyk)

4:30pm – “The Butler”, director Filip Bajon; Ciné Starz Mississauga

The Butler (Kamerdyner) Co-Presented by Konekt Polish Canadian Professionals at the Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles on November 10th at 900pm is SOLD OUT.
Because of the high demand to see this film, we’ve added another screening date on November 18th at 430pm at Cine-StarzTheatre in Mississauga.

For tickets to see The Butler in MISSISSAUGA Click HERE


Ekran’s Marta Pozniakowski, Actress Marianna Zydek from the Butler & Liliana Komorowska

The Butler (dir. Filip Bajon)


Actor Janusz Gajos in The Butler

The Butler is the story of Prussia’s von Krauss family and the love affair between a young Kashubian man named Mateusz and a German aristocrat named Marta. The complicated fate of three nations in the old Polish-German region of Kashubia, where the artificial line of the border drawn at Versailles after the First World War divided not only the land, but also the people.

Ekran will be in Toronto at the Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles until November 11th and in Mississauga from November 16-18. 

The weather outside is cold, so what’s not a better way to spend your dark November nights than cozying with a big bag of popcorn and a Polish flick at the Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles.

We are at the half way point on the Toronto leg of our festival and what a memorable 4 days it has been.

After screenings of Cold War (dir. Pawel Pawlikowski) & NINA (dir. Olga Chajdas) on Monday, Tuesday was the Opening Gala at The Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema, with the Canadian thriller 22 Chaser (dir. Rafal Sokolowski).  Sokolowski alongside cast and crew came up onto the stage to answer questions in a Q&A after the screening.

Tuesday night we also screened the Award Winning Silent Night (dir. Piotr Domanski). The emotional family drama included a Q&A session with actor Arkadiusz Jakubik. Jakubik, currently one of Poland’s best actors, won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Silent Night at the 42nd Polish Film Festival.  The audience was not only moved by his emotional performance in the film, but his heart felt and earnest Q&A after the screening.

On Wednesday November 6th we returned to our usual venue, the Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles. Arkadiusz Jakubikjoined us once again to answer questions in a Q&A after the audience watched his performance in the inspiring film Breaking the Limits (dir. Lukasz Palkowski), based on the true story of Iron Man Champion Jurek Gorski.


Jasia Kiersnowski, Head Jury Member Ottie Lockey, Filmmaker Olga Chajdas & Marta Pozniakowski


Actor Arkadiusz Jakubik


Breaking the Limits (dir. Lukasz Palkowski)

We were also happy to Co-Present the film Squadron 303 (dir. Denis Delic) with the Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce.  Not only is Ekran celebrating its 10th year as Toronto’s Polish Film Festival, but Poland is celebrating 100 years of Independence! This was also commemorated at the event.

Special congratulations was given by the Polish Minister of Culture to Ekran director Marta Pozniakowski and the Ekran team for their 10 years of bringing Polish culture to Canada. Thank you also to the Consulate General of Poland in Toronto for always supporting us and being in attendance for this milestone!

Tonight, November 7th, we are happy to screen Fugue (dir. Agnieszka Smoczynska), Co-Presented by Bechdel Tested at 630pm. Bechdel Tested is a feminist film and panel series at the Revue Cinema featuring women-centric films alongside panel discussions on women’s representation in various industries.


Photo Cred. Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce


Chamber VP Stephen Klus, Marta Pozniakowski and Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce President Wojciech Sniegowski (photo cred. CP Chamber of Commerce)


Fugue dir. Agnieszka Smoczynska

Following Fugue at 900pm will be My Friend the Polish Girl  (dir. Ewa Banaszkiewicz & Mateusz Dymek), a double screening with the short film The Lake (dir. Catherine Kasima Kanda).

Tickets are selling fast for the films for this coming weekend! Get them HERE to avoid any disappointment at the Box Office when films sell out.

Check out our Schedule to read more about upcoming films at Toronto’s 10th Polish Film Festival (Nov 5-11 in Toronto, Nov 16-18 in Mississauga)

Last night was the official kick off to a week full of films in Toronto (Nov 5-11) and a weekend to come in Mississauga (Nov 16-18).

Yesterday’s Special Screening of Pawel Pawlikowski’s Award Winning Cold War (Zimna Wojna) was SOLD OUT. Potentially, this was the last chance Toronto audiences could catch the film in theatre! Oscar buzz has been following this film since it’s premiere in Cannes 2018.

Following Cold War, we had our first Q&A with director Olga Chajdas after screening her feature debut, NINANINA was Co-Presented by Inside Out LGTB Film Festival.

We are looking forward to spending more time tonight with Olga at our Opening Gala, which will proceed after our opening night films 22 Chaser  at 7pm (Q&A after the film with director Rafal Sokolowski and crew) and our second opening night screening of Silent Night (Cicha Noc)  at 930pm with special guest, Award Winning Actor Arkadiusz Jakubik.



NINA dir. Olga Chajdas and Q&A host Jasia Kiersnowski


22 Chaser dir. Rafal Sokolowski


Here’s a look at the Toronto Schedule for November 5-11:

Wednesday, Nov 7th

6:30pm – “Breaking the Limits”, director Lukasz Palkowski (Q&A w. Arkadiusz Jakubik); Revue Cinema

9:15pm – “Squadron 303”, director Denis Delic (Co-Presented by Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce); Revue Cinema

Thursday, Nov 8th

6:30pm – “Fugue”, director Agnieszka Smoczynska (Co-Presented by Bechdel Tested); Revue Cinema

9:00pm – “My Friend the Polish Girl”, director Ewa Banaszkiewicz & Mateusz Dymek; Revue Cinema (double screening, together with “The Lake”)

9:00pm – “The Lake”, director Catherine Kasima Kanda; Revue Cinema (double screening, together with “My Friend the Polish Girl”)

Friday, Nov 9th

6:30pm – Block of Short Films, various directors (see below); Revue Cinema

8:30pm – “Mug”, director Malgorzata Szumowska; Revue Cinema (double screening, together with “On the Road”)

8:30pm – “On the Road”, director Bartosz Nowacki (Q&A w. Bartosz Nowacki); Revue Cinema (double screening, together with “Mug”)

Saturday, Nov 10th

4:00pm – “Back Home”, director Magdalena Łazarkiewicz (Co-Presented by The Human Rights Film Festival & JAYU); Revue Cinema

6:30pm – “A Cat with a Dog”, director Janusz Kondratiuk (Q&A w. Bozena Stachura); Revue Cinema

9:00pm – “The Butler”, director Filip Bajon (Co-Presented by Konekt Polish Canadian Professionals); Revue Cinema

Sunday, Nov 11th

4:00pm – “Pardon”, director Jan Jakub Kolski (Q&A w. Monika Onoszko) (Co-Presented by The Human Rights Film Festival & JAYU); Revue Cinema (double screening, together with “Deer Boy”)

4:00pm – “Deer Boy”, director Katarzyna Gondek (Q&A w. Monika Onoszko); Revue Cinema (double screening, together with “Pardon”)

7:00pm – “Leave Me Not”, director Grzegorz Lewandowski; Revue Cinema

9:00pm – “7 Emotions”, director Marek Koterski; Revue Cinema

For Tickets Click HERE.


Friday, Nov 9th, 6:30pm – Block of Short Films, various directors; Revue Cinema

“A Prayer”, director Sofia Bohdanowicz

“An Evening”, director Sofia Bohdanowicz

“Another Prayer”, director Sofia Bohdanowicz

“Running Toward Thou”, director Hanka Brulinska

“How to Fall”, director Aref Mahabadi

Saturday, Nov 10th, 1:00pm – 3:00pm, Screening of Short Films & Documentaries at High Park Library, Community Room, 228 Roncesvalles Ave., Toronto (FREE)

“Daddy”, director Kacper Anuszewski

“Dreaming of Warsaw”, director Mateusz Czuchnowski

“Heimat”, director Emi Buchwald

“New Bronx”, director Filip Ignatowicz

“Short Distance”, director Giovanni Pierangeli

“You Are What You Eat”, director Monika Kalicki


Can’t make Toronto’s Festival. Don’t worry, we will be in Mississauga at Cine-Starz Mississauga Nov 16-18.


Friday, Nov 16th

7:00pm – “Plan B”, director Kinga Dębska; Ciné Starz Mississauga (double screening, together with “Leader”)

7:00pm – “Leader”, director Katia Priwiezenciew; Ciné Starz Mississauga (double screening, together with “Plan B”)

9:00pm – “Fugue”, director Agnieszka Smoczynska; Ciné Starz Mississauga

Saturday, Nov 17th

3:00pm – “Forever a Pilot of the Spitfire” (Documentary), director Slawomir Ciok; Ciné Starz Mississauga

5:00pm – “Don’t cry when I am gone” (Documentary), director Slawomir Grunberg; Ciné Starz Mississauga

6:30pm – “Werewolf”, director Adrian Panek; Ciné Starz Mississauga

Sunday, Nov 18th

3:00pm – “The Gorals – Highlanders of Carpathia” (Documentary), director Filip Luft (Co-Presented by The Polish Highlanders Association of Canada (Zwiazek Podhalan w Kanadzie); Ciné Starz Mississauga

4:30pm – “Outsider”, director Adam Sikora; Ciné Starz Mississauga



Ticketing Details:

Tickets purchased online are non refundable. Seats are not numbered – first come first served.

Doors open 15 min before each screening. Tickets purchased online should be printed or displayed on a Smartphone at the entrance.