October 2017

Actor Robert Więckiewicz, directors Ryszard Bugajski & Monika Melen are just a few of the many guests slated to attend this year’s Ekran, 9th Toronto Polish Film Festival. 

Actor Lukasz Simlat in "Amok" dir. Kasia Adamik

Actor Lukasz Simlat in “Amok” dir. Kasia Adamik

Więckiewicz will attend the screening of Convoy with a Q&A on Wednesday November 8th alongside actor Lukasz Simlat.  Simlat will also be attending the screening of Kasia Adamik’s Amok.  Simlat recently won the best supporting actor for his role in Amok at the 42nd Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia. 

Other guests include: Short film directors Renata Kolacz and Liliana Komorowska.  Director George Rethy and actress Kat Inoaki.

Directors Pawel Tarasiewicz & Katia Priwieziencew bring their psychological thriller “Hel” for its Canadian premiere.

Director Ryszard Bugajski with the Ekran premiere of his latest film “Blindness“.

Actor Robert Wrzosek will be accompanying the WWII epic “Cursed“.

Documentary film maker Monika Melen comes with her latest “By Stanley for Stanley”.  And closing Saturday night will be “Stars” the soccer biopic with director Jan Kidawa-Blonski in attendance.

"Stars" dir. Jan Kidawa-Błoński

“Stars” dir. Jan Kidawa-Błoński

Award winning documentarian Krystyna Krauze will be bringing her Czech documentaries to the Regent Cinema.  “Nasz Vaszek. O sile bezsilnych” – about a former Czech president Vaclav Havel and “Braciszek Karel” about Czech singer Karel Kryl.


On Monday November 13th at the University of Toronto, Krauze will be conducting a lecture and screening her documentary, “Agnieszka H“.  Like her subject matter, Agnieszka Holland, Krauze graduated from the renowned FAMU film school in Prague.


All guests will remain after the films for a Q&A session with the audience.
Ekran – Toronto Polish Film Festival runs from November 6 to 12th, 2017.  For ticket sales please click HERE.


We want to give a big shout out to all of you who supported our crowdfunding campaign to send Ekran to the 42 Feature Film Festival in Gdynia.

None of this trip would’ve been possible if it weren’t for the generous support from the following contributors:

Aidan Black Allen
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The trip was an absolute success! Ending a week of films, lectures, exhibitions and parties was an award ceremony to present the winners in each film category.


Outside Festival Headquarters. Gdynia, 2017



Here’s a quick list of the following winners from Gdynia this year:

The grand prize of the 42nd Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia  (the“Golden Lion”) for the best film was “SILENT NIGHT”.  The award went to the film’s director PIOTR DOMALEWSKI and the producers: JERZY KAPUŚCIŃSKI, EWA JASTRZĘBSKA & JACEK BROMSKI.

The “Silver Lion” award went to the drama “BIRDS ARE SINGING IN KIGALI”.  The awards went to the director and producer JOANNA KOS KRAUZE & the her husband & co-director, the late KRZYSZTOF KRAUZE.




Award winning Actress Eliane Umuhire of “Birds are Singing in Kitali” & Ekran Social Media Host Jasia Kiersnowski

The Audience Award funded by Telewizja Kino Polska went to ŁUKASZ PALKOWSKI, director of the film “THE FASTEST

Individual awards went to:

AGNIESZKA HOLLAND & KASIA ADAMIK for directing in the film “SPOOR

JAGODA SZELC for screenplay of the film “TOWER. A BRIGHT DAY

JAGODA SZELC for directing debut in the film “TOWER. A BRIGHT DAY

LENNERT HILLEGE for the photography in the film “BEYOND WORDS


MAREK WARSZEWSKI for art direction in the film “THE FASTEST



JANUSZ KALEJA for make-up in the film “SPOOR

AGATA CULAK for costumes in the film “RECONCILIATION

KAMILA KAMIŃSKA for professional acting debut in the film “THE FASTEST

MAGDALENA POPŁAWSKA as an actress in the secondary role in the film “PANICK ATTACK

IMG_0676 2ŁUKASZ SIMLAT as an actor in the secondary role in the film “AMOK

JOWITA BUDNIK & ELIANE UMUHIRE as actresses in the leading roles in the film “BIRDS ARE SINGING IN KIGALI

DAWID OGRODNIK as actor in the leading role in the film “SILENT NIGHT






The following films from the 42nd Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia will be screened Nov. 6-12 at Ekran, Toronto’s 9th Polish Film Festival.









For tickets to any of these films & more click  HERE.

The Ekran team is proud to announce our Box Office is now open!

As previously announced the festival will begin on November 6th at 6:00pm with Maria Sadowska’s “The Art of Loving” (Sztuka Kochania).

On Tuesday, November 7th we bring you two feature-length screenings followed by Q&A sessions, starting 346227-zacma-blindness-0-230-0-345-cropwith “Blindness” (Zacma) directed by Ryszard Bugajski. The film follows Stalinist Julia Brystiger, nicknamed ʺBloody Lunaʺ for torturing prisoners with extreme cruelty during interrogations, she reappears in the 1960’s, rejecting the communist ideology and searching for forgiveness. 

On November 8th don’t miss the murder mystery “Convoy” (Konwoj) directed by Maciej Zak and followed by a Q&A with actors Robert Wieckiewicz and Lukasz Simlat.

November 9th brings you “Spoor” (Pokot) by acclaimed director Agnieszka Holland, in collaboration with Kasia Adamik. In “Spoor” Janina Duszejko, a retired engineer gets mixed up in a mystery when avid hunters in her mountain village on the Czech-Polish border begin turning up dead. Although the investigation leads nowhere, Duszejko has her own theory.

Join us on Friday, November 10th with actor Robert Wrzosek for a Q&A following “Cursed” (Wyklety). The films’ heroes are members of the armed underground, struggling for independence against the communist regime.

The award-winning and world’s first full painted feature film “Loving Vincent” (Twoj Vincent) directed by Hugh imagesWelchman and Dorota Kobiela screens November 12th. The film brings the art of Vincent van Gogh to life to recount the life story of this most mysterious, mythical and tragic of great painters. 

This year’s Festival will also feature numerous Short Films, Documentaries and Animations, screening at both the Revue Cinema and the High Park Library, for Full Schedule see below & click links for purchases!

To view Schedule & Ticket Pricing, click here.


Monday, Nov 6th

6:00pmThe Art of Loving”, director Maria Sadowska; Revue Cinema

Tuesday, Nov 7th

5:00pm – “Cierpkapuram – The Story of a Friendship & People of the sea, work and prayer” (Documentary), director Renata Kolacz (Q&A w. Renata Kolacz); Revue Cinema (triple screening, together with “To My Father”)

5:00pm –To My Father” (Documentary), director Diana Skaya and Liliana Komorowska (Q&A w. Liliana Komorowska); Revue Cinema (triple screening, together with “Cierpkapuram – The Story of a Friendship & People of the sea, work and prayer”)

7:00pm“Blindness”, director Ryszard Bugajski (Q&A w. Ryszard Bugajski); Revue Cinema

9:30pm – “Hel”, director Pawel Tarasiewicz & Katia Priwieziencew (Q&A w. Pawel Tarasiewicz & Katia Priwieziencew); Revue CinemaMV5BYjI0MTAxNDktZjI2OC00NmRlLThjZGEtODZmNjFhMTBlMGJkXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjA5MDEzNDU@__V1_SX697_CR0,0,697,999_AL_

Wednesday, Nov 8th

5:00pm – “By Stanley For Stanley” (Documentary), director Monika Melen (Q&A w. Monika Melen); Revue Cinema

6:30pm“Amok”, director Kasia Adamik (Q&A w. Lukasz Simlat); Revue Cinema  

9:00pm – “Convoy”, director Maciej Zak (Q&A w. Robert Wieckiewicz & Lukasz Simlat); Revue Cinema

Thursday, Nov 9th

6:30pm“The King of Life”, director Jerzy Zielinski (Q&A w. Robert Wieckiewicz); Revue Cinema (double screening, together with “Romantic”)

6:30pm – “Romantic” (Short Film), director Mateusz Rakowicz (Q&A w. Robert Wieckiewicz); Revue Cinema (double screening, together with “King of Life”)

 9:00pm – “Spoor”, director Agnieszka Holland & Kasia Adamik; Revue Cinema

Friday, Nov 10th

5:00pm“Bodo”, director Michal Kwiecinski; Revue Cinema KROL_ZYCIA_ang_preview_jpeg

7:30pm“The Reconciliation”, director Maciej Sobieszczański; Revue Cinema

9:30pm“Cursed”, director Konrad Lecki (Q&A w. Robert Wrzosek); Revue Cinema  

Saturday, Nov 11th

1:00pm“Sister Elizabeth” (Documentary), director George Rethy (Q&A w. George Rethy & Kat Inokai); Revue Cinema

3:30pm“Afterimage”, director Andrzej Wajda; Revue Cinema

5:30pm – “Birds Are Singing in Kigali”, director Joanna Kos-Krauze; Revue Cinema

8:00pm – “Stars“, director Jan Kidawa-Blonski (Q&A w. Jan Kidawa-Blonski); Revue Cinema

Sunday, Nov 12th

2:30pm“Loving Vincent” (Animation), director Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman; Revue CinemaMV5BZDcwMzY2NWMtNGE4Mi00NWI0LTlkZjUtMDQ1NWJlMzFkNDM5XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTc4MzI2NQ@@__V1_

4:30pm“Beyond Words”, director Urszula Antoniak; Revue Cinema

Special Closing Festival Screening in Memory of Tadeusz Jaworski:

6:30pm “Selling Out”, director Tadeusz Jaworski; “Tamara’s Tapestry World”, director Tadeusz Jaworski and “The Eternal Wanderer”, director Grzegorz Krolikiewicz (Documentaries)


Friday Nov 10th @ 6:15pm Czech Day: documentaries by Krystyna Krauze: “Nas Vasek” & “Bratricek Karel”, Q&A w. Krystyna Krauze; The Regent Theatre Toronto (551 Mt. Pleasant Road, Toronto)

Saturday Nov 11th @ 1:00pm – 4:00pmScreening of Animation & Short Films at High Park Library, 228 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto (FREE)

“Close Ties”, director Zofia Kowalewska poster
Mice & Rats”, director Kacper Anuszewski
Harcerz”, director Jonasz Berny
Michael”, director Piotr Januszkiewicz
Evil Deeds”, director Piotr Domalewski
The Ride”, director Kacper Anuszewski
General Dream”, director Dave Lojek & Linda Hecquet
Sledztwo the Inquest”, director Ena Kielska
More Than This”, director Adrian Wojtas
Disorder”, director Julian Talandziewicz
The Last Room”, director Marta Chyła-Janicka
In the woods, fields, on water, in the air, local creatures bring fear”, director Pawel Kleszczewski
Broken Tale”, director Pawel Kleszczewski
“Wake Up”, director Jakub Wojciechowski
“An Ocean Apart”, directors Anna Przystupa, Jakub Przystupa, Krzystof Handzlik
“Syrop”, directors Nastazja Usakiewicz, Justyna Slawinski

Monday, Nov 13th @ 7:10pm – Lecture & Screening of “The Return of Agnieszka H”, director Krystyna Krauze, at the University of Toronto, Alumni Hall, Room 400, 121 St. Joseph St., Toronto (FREE)

Ticketing Details:

Tickets purchased online are non refundable. Seats are not numbered – first come first served.

Doors open 15 min before each screening. Tickets purchased online should be printed or displayed on a Smartphone at the entrance.

Ekran Polish Film Association is thrilled to announce that the 9th Toronto Polish Film Festival will kick off Monday November 6th, 2017 with the Film “The Art of Loving: The Story of Michalina Wislocka” directed by Maria Sadowska and starring Magdalena Boczarska. The film is an adaptation of Michalina Wisłocka’s biography. Cracking down on conservative stereotypes and pervasive ignorance, Wislocka revolutionized the sexual life of the country. And she did it all with a book.

From 1940’s post war Poland to the 1970’s, the film follows the life of the famous Polish gynaecologist and sexologist, TheArtOfLovingPosterEnglish_preview_jpegwhose lifestyle guidebook “The Art of Loving” would be censored by high ranking communist officials for years. Wisłocka’s perseverance finally paid off when the book was published in 1976, and would go on to sell over 7 million copies, opening the doors to Polish bedrooms and revolutionizing the sexual life of the country.

The Art of Love: The Story of Michalina Wislocka, Directed by Maria Sadowska, screenplay by Krzysztof Rak, Director of Photography: Michał Sobociński. Starring: Magdalena Boczarska, Eryk Lubos, Piotr Adamczyk, Justyna Wasilewska, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Wojciech Mecwaldowski, Jaśmina Polak.

About the Director: Maria Sadowska studied directing at the Łódz Film School. She has made a few short films. Her feature debut ‘Women’s Day” qualified for the Gdynia Film Festival. Sadowska is an accomplished Polish singer/songwriter and author of 9 solo albums, who began her musical career at age 14. Speaking to the PAP press agency she said, “I always dreamed of becoming a film director. I was interested in music, photography, painting. And directors have to be a little bit of everything […] But it turned out that in my life music came first. I planned that when I was still young I would be doing music. I believe age plays an important role in the lives of directors. The older you are the more you have to tell.”

The Opening Night screening takes place on November 6th at the Revue Cinema. The full Schedule & ticket sales details for the Toronto Polish Film Festival will be announced on Monday October 16, 2017.

For Media Inquiries & Accreditation, please contact pr@ekran.ca

For more announcements & details follow us on:  Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Mars Horodyski is a Canadian Comedy Award-winning director whose series credits include the Emmy Award winning PBS series Odd Squad, the Amazon series Dino Dana, Nickolodeon’s Star Falls, the BBC/DHX series The Next Step, the hit web series Carmilla and CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Her first feature film Ben’s at Home (which she directed, co-wrote and produced) has played over a dozen festivals and won several awards. The film was released theatrically in Canada and will air on Netflix in Fall 2017.

Ben’s at Home also screened at the 7th Ekran Toronto Polish Film Festival in 2015.

Mars immigrated to Canada from Poland at a young age. Recently, Ekran caught up with her discuss how her Polish background has influenced her as a filmmaker.